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Enrollment For Our 2024-2025 Season

Our 2024/2025 dance season runs from Wednesday, September 4th through Thursday, June 26th 2024 finishing with our Annual Recital, "In the Spotlight" on the spring to celebrate the students' progress.

All classes are held weekly. Classes are subject to availability. 

Participation in our annual Recital at The FirstOntario Arts Centre Milton, is optional, but highly recommended for all students. Recital Fees for costume and Recital Package are additional. See Recital Information. 

Online Registration & Payment 

By enrolling through our Studio Portal online, you are committing to the full dance season which runs from September through June (approximately 38 weeks) or there is an option to sign up by term – fall, winter, and/or spring (approximately 9-14 weeks, dependent on season). Tuition listed for each class is the monthly installment amount, and does not include HST. There is a $30.00 + HST Registration Fee billed per dancer ($20 for the second child & $15 for the third) on June 1st (or at time of enrollment if registering after that date). 

By registering online, clients agree that the Credit Card information or Direct Debit banking information provided will be automatically charged for registration of the classes, programs, or camps that I have selected. Goddards Studio accepts Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) or Direct Debit Payment options. Payment information can be updated in the Parent Portal and must be on file for registration to be processed and your dancer's place held. A credit card or banking information must be inputted through the parent portal for dancer to be registered for a class. Payments and account statements can be tracked and viewed at anytime by you through the Parent Portal.

Cash is not accepted as a form of tuition payment unless you would like to make your payment in full. 


Tuition Terms

Summer Classes/Programs/Camps/4 or 8 - Weekly Classes/Separate Terms (9-14 weeks): will be charged in full upon registration. 


Registration Fee: $25 Non-Refundable registration fee per dancer ($20 for the second child & $15 for the third) will be processed upon registration. This fee is in addition to your monthly instalments.

Recreational Fees: First instalment of tuition fees will be charged upon enrolment. Remaining instalments will be processed monthly on the 25th (registration, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May)


Competitive Fees: First instalment of tuition fees will be charged August 15th. Remaining instalments will be processed monthly on the 15th (registration, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May).


Pay in Full/Lump Sum payments will be available.


ALL accounts MUST have an active credit card, visa debit, or direct debit information on file which will be automatically charged each month as listed above.

Please email Nicole at for any assistance needed with the account portal and/or setting up you preferred method of payment.


Methods of Payment

Goddards will accept the following Methods of Payment:

1)     Visa/Mastercard – Will be set up in our system to be automatically charged on the 25th of each month (15th for all Company dancers) for the monthly tuition amount.

2)     Direct Debit - Will be set up in our system to be automatically charged on the 25th of each month (15th for all Company dancers) for the monthly tuition amount.

3)     E-Transfer – Client MUST still have an active credit card/direct debit on file. All E-transfers MUST be received 5 days prior to Monthly Installment Due Date (please see “Installment Payments” below) and we must be notified at that you have sent an e-transfer EACH MONTH. Please always include student’s first and last name on the e-transfer and what the payment is for. If the e-transfer is not received by the 20th of each month (10th for Competitive members), you card on file will automatically be charged for the month.

4)     Cash – Only if paying full year tuition in 1 lump sum.

Lump sum payments to your account (via any of the above methods) may be made at anytime - please email to arrange this. Any additional tuition payments will be applied to the last payment. 

There are no refunds for cancelled classes due to inclement weather or unforeseen emergencies. We will email any cancellations or post on our website and social media no later than 2pm on weekdays and 7:30am on weekends. 

Fees for missed classes (illness,/vacation, etc) are non-refundable.   

Studio yearly tuition is divided into 10 Equal Monthly Installments.

*Please note: Some months have more classes than others. Payment plans do not reflect the number of classes offered per month but rather an equal division of the full year's tuition amount.


Installment Payments

The initial instalment will be processed at the time of registration. All tuition is paid by (10) equal Instalments or Paid In Full. Prices posted below are per instalment and do not include HST. Taxes are additional.

Instalment dates are:  

1 - At the time of registration

2 - September 25th 2024

3 - October 25th 2024

4 - November 25th 2024

5 - December 25th 2024

6 - January 25th 2025

7 - February 25th 2025

8 - March 25th 2025

9 - April 25th 2025

10 - May 25th 2025

*All Company Members – Please refer to your Competitive Fee Schedule for all dates (monthly tuition will always be billed on the 15th) and all other additional fees.

Multiple Class Discounts - Save 5% on your second class, 10% on your third class, and 15% on all subsequent classes. 

*Can not be applied with any other discounts or offers.

Our students are in our database alphabetically by their last name. Many of our students have different last names from parents and/or grandparents who are paying for dance expenses. In order for us to properly credit your account, the following details will be important for us to know each time you make a payment:
**Student(s) First & Last Name. (Very Important!!) and what the payment is for.



If whatever your desired choice of payment (including but not limited to: credit card, visa debit, and/or direct debit) is declined, you will be subjected to a declined payment fee of $20 if not updated/rectified within 72 hours (3 days).

Failure to rectify payment after 72 hours without reasonable explanation will result in the removal of dancer from classes until payment is remitted.

Any payments more than 15 days late, no matter the cause, will be subject to a $45.00 late fee/payment.


Any returned payments will incur a $45 NSF charge payable to Goddards Studio For Dance and the Performing Arts Ltd. by certified cheque or money order only which must be paid within 7 days.

Scheduling & Class Changes

Goddards Studio reserves the right to make schedule changes, combine classes or cancel classes with insufficient enrolment if necessary. This is including but not limited to; regular season classes, summer dance camps, summer competitive technique training classes, 4/8 week summer classes, Full Out Dance Intensive, Full Out Acro Intensive, workshops, and private lessons.

Goddards Studio reserves the right to make changes to staff at discretion of the Director.

If a class is cancelled within the first month of classes due to enrolment and there is no replacement class that you are able to attend, you will receive a refund less fees pro-rated for classes taken. 

Students wishing to make a class change must first obtain approval from the Director.  

Attendance Policy

Students should not attend class if they have a fever, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, infected skin or eyes, or suspected communicable disease or lice.

Please notify the studio if your child will not be attending class by submitting an absence through the Parent Portal or sending an email to Please note – missed classes (i.e. illness, vacation or other) for the dance season, camps or workshops are non-refundable.

If the studio cancels class due to instructor illness (when a replacement cannot be found) classes will be re-scheduled. If the studio cancels class due to an emergency i.e. inclement weather, power outage etc. classes will not be re-scheduled and are non-refundable. 


Students with excessive absences will receive a warning via email, if the absences continue, the student may be pulled from the recital dance with no refund. This is at the teacher’s discretion.

*Company members – Please review Competitive Absence Policies.

Withdrawal Policies & Refunds

Goddards Studio For Dance and the Performing Arts Ltd. reserves the right to suspend classes from students whose accounts are unpaid or have a balance owing.

Should a student wish to discontinue classes for any reason before the end of a session, the studio requires written notification of withdrawal signed by the parent/guardian or adult student. Tuition fees remain payable until written notice is received and in addition the following fees with be applied:


Withdrawal Fees (All programs)

$25 non-refundable registration fee, $30 Withdraw Fee for each class.

No refunds from March 1st 2025 - May 26th 2025 if participating in the Recital, with the exception of closure due to a government mandated shutdown.  

(please Recital Package for Recital & Costume Refund Policies).

If costumes have already been ordered, parents are responsible for full payment of all costumes ordered for their dancer(s). 

If not participating in recital: 

All outstanding tuition/costume fees due from March 1 -June 1 2024, must be paid upon withdrawal in addition to the withdrawal fees.  

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