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Full Time Competitive

Goddards Studio provides and nurtures to the wants and needs of each and every student, delivering the highest calibre of training. We promote individuality and versatility, we encourage all of our students to find their own voice and their own style. As part of our commitment to excellent instruction, our Competitive Program promotes self-esteem and the development of well rounded, technically trained dancers.


In our Full-Time Competitive Program, dancers will flourish in many dance styles and build on various life and interpersonal skills. In this program, dancers will develop self-discipline, responsibility, and teamwork and build courage, confidence, and resilience. This program is designed for students who display exemplary technique and above average development potential. Dancers on our Full Time Competitive Team must commit to training in a variety of disciplines, work to improve in every class, have a positive and forward-thinking attitude.

We are open to new competitive dancers of all ages who we believe would fit this program.

Goddards Competitive Full Time Programme allows students aged 7 and over to train on average, 10 to 15 hours per week.

*Please note that RAD Ballet Exams as well as Acrobatic Arts exams are mandatory

Mandatory Weekly Classes for Dancers in the Full Time Competitive Programme

- Two (2) RAD Ballet Classes

- One (1) Jazz Technique Class

- One (1) Jazz Choreography Class

- One (1) Tap Class

- One (1) Hip Hop Class

- One (1) Contemporary Class

- One (1) Lyrical Class

- One (1) Strength and Flexibility Class

(Musical Theatre and Aerial Hoop Classes are optional)

*Competitive rehearsals will take place in addition to the below mentioned technique classes.

Additional Classes

Some students may choose to take an additional technique class outside of their programme level (for example; 2 Tap classes or 2 Acro classes a week). If you are interested in an additional class, please inquire and we are happy to add this into your schedule, if space permits.

PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique)

PBT classes run all year, from September to June, it is mandatory that all competitive dancers have one class a week. Equipment will be provided by the studio or dancers may use their own if they wish. 

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