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Rising Star! and Lil' Bopz

Performing Arts Programme


There is an increasing professional need for performers who are trained in all three areas of Musical Theatre – Dance, Singing and Acting.

Our weekly three class programme will introduce students to the world of Musical Theatre where they will discover skills to improve their overall performance and style, focusing on technique, facial expression, and showmanship.

Our Performing Arts Programme provides students with the opportunity to build a strong foundation and develop a skill set for a future in the world of Musical Theatre, where being a well rounded performer is so essential – The Triple Threat. 

There will be a performance at the end of the course.


Singer: Gia Tomaino

The following classes are designed for all levels of abilities for both boys and girls.


Why Musical Theatre?


“We are nothing without a song or a dance!”


It has been said that Musical Theatre is the only art form that merges all three genres together as one.


This structured training is designed to enhance and broaden students in musical theatre, singing and jazz dance.


Benefits: It creates a sense of self-esteem, teaches self-discipline and team work, and develops self-confidence in

every student.


It offers many diverse roles, allowing each performer to identify and develop individual strengths in one or many areas

It helps students develop techniques in both music and drama.


The muscles that we use to sing must be developed and strengthened the same way that a dancer needs to develop and strengthen their muscles in their body in order to become strong and powerful dancers. By focusing heavily on technique and discipline, our vocal lessons will teach your child the importance of a good warm up, using breath in the correct way whilst singing, concentrating on developing stamina and using the proper methods to ensure they develop and maintain their voices in the correct and safe way.

Our aim is to eventually give each student a repertoire of songs that suits their voice and personalities ensuring they will always sing with confidence.


Drama is a great way to inspire and develop creativity. These classes are built around fun with an introduction to direction and an emphasis on interaction and confidence building. Drama encourages a child to connect with their feelings, developing their emotional understanding. Language skills will evolve and communication skills will blossom as they learn to think on their feet in the improvisation and drama games which require them to explore their imaginations to generate new ideas and broaden their approach to scene study and script work. 


Benefits: Teaches stagecraft and a chance to gain confidence of working within a group.


Vocal lessons and Acting classes in particular help to build confidence, stage presence and theatricality, while developing skills in presentation, interpretation and character development.


Musical Theatre Dance

Students will learn stylized choreography from a variety of musicals - both new and old. They will rely on what they have learnt in their drama and vocal lessons and combine both with dance to portray the different characters and tell the story.


Benefits: Teaches performance stamina, performance technique, and the importance of stage presence. Gives the opportunity to gain information and knowledge about musical theatre and the industry. 


Please note that private lessons for vocals and drama are available at Goddards Studio,

please email or ask at the desk for further details.

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