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​Aerial Arts by Acrobatic Arts


The increased popularity of mainstream media, including Cirque Du Soleil and Dance television shows, has created a huge demand for well rounded and Aerial dancers. The fusion of Dance, Acrobatics and Aerial in productions of today requires artists to have proficiency in all areas.


At Goddards, we believe versatility is the key.


Not only is Aerial an excellent asset to the aspiring dancer, but Goddards' Aerial and Acro classes are a safe, fun and are a unique way for children to build strength, flexibility and confidence in a controlled environment.

Students who train through Aerial Arts have balanced development, are strong, flexible and fearless.

Our teachers are Aerial Arts certified and have been certified by dancer/aerialist Meaghan Wegg of

Cirque Du Soliel, they also provide a wealth of knowledge in all disciplines of dance and acrobatics.

Classes start at 4+ years. Each class is limited to 4 dancers.

Private lessons are available, please email for more details.

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