Competitive Programmes

Where aspiring dancers shine

"Technique is what you fall back on when you run out of inspiration" - Rudolf Nureyev

Our Competitive is unlike any other dance programme. We focus on empowering and nurturing every student to allow them to discover their own true potential, expand their minds and then push them beyond.

2022/2023 Team Auditions

Each summer we will be holding auditions to determine where each dancer should be placed for growth and success. Our audition is open to all dancers aged 5 - 18.

We welcome a wide range of skill levels, dancers will be assessed by our amazing faculty so we can place each dancer where we believe they will thrive.

Dancers will receive feedback & recommendations on programming for the upcoming dance season. Once dancers have been invited into our Competitive Programme, all dancers must attend our Full Out Dance Intensive. All dancers who intend in competing in Acro for the upcoming season, must also attend our Full Out Acro Intensive.


While auditions are running, there will also be a parent information meeting running, this is a great opportunity to have any and all of your competitive questions answered, from fees to time commitments, everything will be covered in this meeting.

There is no charge for our group open audition. Private auditions are also available for a fee of $25.

For all enquiries, please email ashley@goddardsstudio,com.

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Goddards Studio provides and nurtures to the wants and needs of each and every student, delivering the highest calibre of training.

We promote individuality and versatility; we encourage all of our students to find their own voice and their own style. As part of our commitment to excellent instruction, our Competitive Programme promotes self-esteem, self-discipline, teamwork and the development of well rounded, technically trained dancers.


Dancers participating in the Full or Part Time programme must be aware that technique class time slots may, on the rare occasion, be used to complete/clean competitive choreography when necessary. In the event this must occur, it may not always be possible for the class time to be rescheduled for dancers who are not a part of the routine.


This programme is offered for dancers ages 5+ (born in 2016 or earlier) and 8+ (born in 2013 or earlier)


Our Pre-Competitive programme is for those dancers wishing to take the “next step” in their training. This unique programme is the perfect way to get a taste of the competitive world and is a great opportunity for children to grow their love for dance, enjoy a competitive environment and become part of our competitive family.  


Part Time Competitive

This programme is designed for dedicated dancers aged between 6 and 18 years.


Our Part-Time Competitive Programme offers the best of both worlds. Dancers get to experience the exciting world of competitive dance while still leaving time throughout the week to explore other interests. Part-Time students receive structured, well-rounded, and team-focused training from Goddards Studio’s professional, qualified and energetic teachers. In this programme, students will gain confidence, performance skills, self-discipline, and much more.

Dancers will grow in their technique and artistry and grow as individuals in an encouraging and family-like environment. Students in this programme will also be exposed to many different choreographers and unique class opportunities over the year! This programme is open to dancers with at least one to two years of experience and an expressed dedication to being part of a team and enhancing their dance education. Part-Time dancers will train 3-6 hours per week over two to three days.

Full Time Competitive

This programme is designed for dedicated dancers aged between 6 and 18 years.


Designed for dancers who want the more out of their training with a bigger commitment, dancers in the full time programme are expected to be dedicated to training in a disciplined, technique-intensive programme. Dancers will require a strong foundation in technique and performance, they must show self-discipline, dedication and passion to work harder, and focus on each individual dance styes being taught.


Upon acceptance, students are placed in classes based on age and skill level. All dancers within the Competitive Programme may be eligible for Solo, Duet and Trio Extra Choreography.