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The Benefits
of Dance

"It’s an Art"

The physical benefits of dance are immeasurable.
The mental benefits of dance are outstanding. 

There is an increased emphasis on the advantages dance has on our mental health. Children who participate in performance art such as dance, singing or acting, further develop many cognitive skills showing increased co-ordination and an improvement in differentiating between left and right. Students of dance have an understanding of both rhythm and melody, and have displayed enriched memory skills with their ability to learn choreography.


As a result, children gain a greater sense of self-confidence and continue to build on their educational basics - reading, writing, and counting. The dedication, discipline and focus that children must learn and practice through dance, are important life skills that will carry over to their day-to-day lives.

 Happy body, happy mind! 

“I am a dancer, my body and my soul are my art.”


Martha Graham

Dance as a creative art helps promote intellectual growth and has been proven to expand a child's imagination.


As a form of self-expression and a release of creativity, dance allows a child to explore their own originality, bodies and minds. Dance as a social activity, allows children to interact with others, role-play, and discover new thoughts and ideas. Many children use dance to help process their emotions.

Parents who have hyperactive children or children with behavior issues, have found that by enrolling their child in a creative form of art like dance, gives the child something to focus their attention on and channel that extra energy to turn it into something positive and truly beautiful. 

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