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All of our dancers and performers will have the opportunity to participate in the annual show at the end of our dance year.

Participating in the show gives our students the opportunity to experience all the elements involved in creating a full production. From costumes, make up, dress rehearsals, technical rehearsals, to the euphoria and excitement of performing for an audience, these shows offer our students a chance to display and demonstrate all of their hard work, efforts and achievements they have developed over the past year.


Learning doesn’t just happen at the studio!

On occasion our students will have the opportunity to attend master classes, special events, conventions, go to the theatre to watch the professionals or even participate in special fundraising events. We highly suggest students take advantage of these extracurricular activities as they provide the chance to learn creatively outside of the studio and offer additional insight into the world of dance.

Special event details will be sent out via email and will be posted on our notice board.

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