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Wow! Thank you all for voting us, it is a true honour to be your #1 Diamond Winner, we are so grateful to receive this community accolade!

The magic of Goddards would not be possible without our amazing dancers, their families and of course our stellar group of incredibly talented and knowledgeable instructors, thank you all for your trust, love, and support.


Goddards has no shortage of wonderful programmes from recreational and competitive dance to performing arts, instrumentation and even aerial hoop and silks! We are thrilled to be the only studio in Milton and Halton Hills offering everything under one roof.


​Thank you for making our first 3 years AMAZING!


Miss Ashley

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What is the Goddards Studio Difference?


We provide an unparalleled, second to none learning experience where we focus directly on what your child needs. Our three dance studios are built to inspire; featuring mirrored walls, dual level ballet barres and brand new Harlequin sprung marley dance floors. With private access to our mezzanine level, we offer two designated music and vocal studios equipped with a piano and a dance conditioning studio equipped with Swedish ladders and Bosu Balls.


We not only encourage the joy and fulfillment of dance, but we aim to develop and nourish passion in all areas of the creative and performing arts.


Get lost in the Dance,
Not in the class

All classes offered at the studio are limited in size, 12 for children up to 6 years of age and 14 for children over 7 years of age. Creating an individual, almost private, one on one atmosphere where each student has the ability to achieve individual growth and reach their greatest potential.


The key to success is to teach and to listen


Our studio is a caring, supportive and inspiring environment with great expectations to fulfill the dreams of young minds. We aim to expand and reimagine the whole creative learning process of becoming a performer paying particular attention to detail, precision and professionalism.

students to
find their
own voice

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Whether your child is eighteen months old or twenty years old, our passion is to guide and inspire. We will establish the fundamentals of technique, strength and stamina for dance and the performing arts in an enjoyable and engaging way.

We promise to provide an encouraging and motivating environment where students can grow as performers and as extraordinary individuals.

We will invest our time and the intensity that’s needed to work with each and every student to discover their own true potential, expand their minds and then push them beyond.

Your most important focus, is our most important focus – your children, our students.

For those who want more

Whether your child wants to join just for fun or if they want to pursue a career as a professional performer, Goddards Studio provides and nurtures to the wants and needs of each and every student, delivering the highest calibre of training. We promote individuality and versatility, we encourage all of our students to find their own voice and their own style.

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What people are saying

Absolutely the best studio around! Clean, beautiful, friendly and full of talented students and instructors. It feels like a family. My 4 year old has been going there since June 2020, and never wants to leave after class. She would stay there all day if I let her. We drive from Burlington twice a week there (possibility more in the future) and it’s totally worth the drive. My baby girl just finished her very first competitive season with her pre-comp dance friends and they girls had a blast and did amazing. We’re looking forward to the future competitions and classes!

- Karolina Greaves

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