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I had the privilege of having the most incredible sister, Shelley, who was born with spinabifida and hydrocephalus. Shelley was the brightest light of happiness and love. One of her passions was music and dancing – her face would light up with pure joy when she heard one of her favourite songs.

Goddards Studio is so very proud to offer Limitless. Limitless is a specialized but inclusive unique programme designed to offer music, dance and yoga, supporting people of all abilities in hopes that it brings joy to those who may not otherwise have the chance. Built specifically for children, teens and adults with special needs and individual learning differences and difficulties, Limitless gives everyone the opportunity to share their unique gifts with the world, celebrate and develop their strengths, practice skills and keep physically fit.

Limitless is for those who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to sing, dance or feel the euphoria that performing arts gives.

Limitless is for Shelley and for you x

Our Limitless Programme run classes daily at the studio, please feel free to give us a call on (905) 699-4747 or send us an email ( or come and see us at the studio for further enquires!

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