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- Recreational and Competitive Dance

- Dance Programmes for all ages and abilities

- Performing Art Programme for all ages and abilities

- Private Lessons in Dance, Drama and Singing

- Music Lessons – Group and Private

- Acrobatic Arts Certified

- ADAPT - Jazz, Tap, Ballet

- Alixa Flexibility Certified

- Progressive Ballet Technique

- Acro Dance Teachers Association

- Dance Masters of America

- Canadian Dance Teachers Association

- Workshops with Industry Professionals

- March Break Camps and Summer Schools

- Evening Summer Dance Classes

- Dance and Music classes for children, teens and adults

  with mental and physical disabilities

- Yoga for children of all ages and abilities

- Adult Dance Classes

- Strong By Zumba - Fitness Classes for Adults

- Student Assistant Teaching opportunities

- Professional Career Opportunities

- Goddards Studio Faculty are certified in Emergency First Aid

- CRB Certified

The GS Team

Ashley Goddard-Kabakos

Director and President of Goddards Studio for Dance and the Performing Arts

I have been dancing since the age of two and have trained in many styles and genres of dance and musical theatre. Since the age of 16, I have nurtured a successful career as a professional dancer, and have even had the pleasure of travelling around the world doing what I love. I have had the privilege to work with some of the industry’s top choreographers, Sean Cheeseman, Marty Kudelka, and Jeff Dimitriou to name but a few.

I grew up in Surrey, England and studied at The Royal Academy of Dance and Julie Sianne Theatre Arts. I trained in RAD and ISTD Ballet, and ISTD Tap and Modern Theatre Dance. I am a graduate of Tiffany Theatre College, where I achieved my diploma and my ISTD Modern Teaching Associate – I was one of the youngest students to have achieved this.

Growing up, I featured in various television shows and commercials and at the age of 8, I landed my first role in “Scrooge the Musical” at London’s West End Dominion Theatre.


When I wasn’t performing I was competing. I was deemed All England Champion in four different categories - Jazz, Tap, Character and Contemporary, and was honoured to receive the Musicality Award at the 2004 ISTD Ballet Awards.

Ashley For Bio.jpg

I have continued to dance professionally, and have developed my portfolio to include accomplished Choreographer and Producer. Recent career highlights have included performing at the Ed Mirvish Theatre, Toronto, The Fallsview Casino, Niagara Falls, and Toronto’s prestigious Princess of Wales Theatre.

All whilst pursuing yet another passion. The passion to teach.

Through the years I have taught a variety of classes and styles at various dance schools, all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed, although the classes always seemed to end so quickly which left me feeling that I was unable to get everything that I had planned done. It was then that I came to the realization that time and class size play crucial roles in learning to dance, that and of course dedication.

Goddards Studio, For those who want more.

What I want for Goddards Studio is to take everything that I had learnt and experienced in my career and apply it to how our students will be taught and how the studio is run. Shaping it into something completely different.

Get lost in the dance, not in the class.

A wonderful mantra we have adopted at Goddards and a belief very dear to my heart. No child should be left at the back of the class, every student deserves their teachers undivided attention. Our well rounded programmes and classes here at the studio will be capped at only eight students, and more time per class has been granted. I want to ensure success in each and every class and help your child learn and progress with confidence. Less students and longer classes makes for the perfect winning combination.

There is an art in teaching.

I have been lucky enough to have the constant support and encouragement from my family which has pushed me even further as a dancer, and helped mould me into the person I am today. The world of dance is constantly changing and developing, I am still learning to this day and my love and passion for the arts continues to grow and evolve. 

" We are committed to both our students and our parents and we can’t wait for you to be a part of our family.


Your child will grow up in a studio that is based on grace, passion, respect and determination. "


Stephen Michael Kabakos

Stephen (otherwise known as Steve Michaels) has been a successful professional entertainer for over two decades. Based out of Milton, Ontario, his passion and love for music and acting has taken him all around the world, and has continued to be the driving force behind his extraordinary accomplishments.

He has had the privilege to work with two of England’s top producers – Bill Kenwright and Laurie Mansfield of London’s West End, starring in the musical “This is Elvis”, where he performed over 200 shows in six months.

His most recent successes include starring in the hit concert musical “Return to Grace” at the Princess of Wales Theatre, Toronto, where he and a cast of over 31, performed to more than 10,000 audience members.

In 2001 Stephen created his production company, TVB Productions, which has successfully created many theatre shows and concert presentations over the past 18 years.

Creating Goddards Studio with his wife, Ashley, is a huge, exciting endeavour one that he hopes you will become a part of. 

Kendra Guidolin


Kendra is a professional dance artist and writer based in the Greater Toronto Area. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Dance Pedagogy from York University and has taught students of all abilities and backgrounds of dance from the ages of 18 months to 90 years old.


Before her undergraduate degree, she danced for 14 years, training in RAD and Cecchetti ballet forms, commercial and fosse-based jazz forms, tap, acro, and gymnastics.


As well, she trained for two summers at The National Ballet of Canada in their summer intensive training program, and spent one summer training with Michael Meadows and Anthony “Ambitious” Smith in breaking, tutting, and waving on a scholarship from Be Dance Competitions. At York, she trained with legendary teachers and choreographers such as Claire Wooten, Julia Sasso, John Ottmann, Tracey Norman, Helen Jones, and Carol Anderson. Since then, she has been fortunate enough to dance in pieces by choreographers from all over the world, as well as be part of projects like dance photoshoots and commercials for TSN.


Her latest performance was with The Ismailova Theatre of Dance in the production of Master and Margarita. She’s thrilled to join the Goddard’s team and to be teaching at the wonderful facility here in Halton Hills!

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Our Studio

Goddards Studio is a beautifully modern and stylistic Dance and Performing Arts facility offering programmes in all genres of performing arts - from Dance, to Singing, Drama, and Instrumentation, we are thrilled to be the only studio in Milton and Halton Hills offering everything under one roof.

When you enter into our newly designed studio space, you will immediately notice the Goddards difference. We invite parents to sit in our comfortable seating area located next to our coffee bar, whilst waiting for their children’s class. Siblings are also welcome to play in our gated toddler and children’s play area or quiet zone specifically designed to get homework done. 

With private access to our mezzanine level we offer four designated music, vocal and drama studios which have been specifically designed  to cater to our budding actors, future singers and musicians needs.

Located on the main floor are our three spacious dance studios fashioned with feature mirrored walls to help students observe their movements while learning, dual level ballet barres to accommodate the differing heights of our dancers, and brand new Harlequin sprung marley dance floors specifically designed to greatly reduce the risk of injuries and offer enhanced comfort.

Featuring spacious male and female changing rooms with locker access, we are also completely wheelchair accessible. 

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The Benefits

of Dance

"It’s an Art"

The physical benefits of dance are immeasurable.

The mental benefits of dance are outstanding. 

 Happy body, happy mind! 

There is an increased emphasis on the advantages dance has on our mental health. Children who participate in performance art such as dance, singing or acting, further develop many cognitive skills showing increased co-ordination and an improvement in differentiating between left and right. Students of dance have an understanding of both rhythm and melody, and have displayed enriched memory skills with their ability to learn choreography.


As a result, children gain a greater sense of self-confidence and continue to build on their educational basics - reading, writing, and counting. The dedication, discipline and focus that children must learn and practice through dance, are important life skills that will carry over to their day-to-day lives. 



“I am a dancer, my body and my soul are my art.”

Martha Graham

Dance as a creative art helps promote intellectual growth and has been proven to expand a child's imagination.


As a form of self-expression and a release of creativity, dance allows a child to explore their own originality, bodies and minds. Dance as a social activity, allows children to interact with others, role-play, and discover new thoughts and ideas. Many children use dance to help process their emotions.

Parents who have hyperactive children or children with behavior issues, have found that by enrolling their child in a creative form of art like dance, gives the child something to focus their attention on and channel that extra energy to turn it into something positive and truly beautiful. 

Studio Guidelines

We strive to make our studio a great place to be by creating an environment that is respectful, inclusive and warm.

To do this, we ask all of our students and families to follow our studios guidelines.

For our Parents:

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your child’s class begins

  • Please ensure that your child has gone to the toilet before class begins

  • Please do not allow your child into the studio unless a teacher is present

  • Please do not allow siblings into the studios unless they are participating in a class

  • Parents are not invited to enter the studio unless told otherwise

  • All children must be escorted in and out of the building


We kindly ask, if you have any questions or concerns and would like to discuss something with any of our teachers, please inform the office or email and we will be happy to make an appointment.


For the Children:

  • Please be kind and respectful at all times to your fellow classmates and parents

  • Please do not run in the studios or hallways

  • Please do not swing on the ballet barres

  • Please do not eat or drink inside the studios. Only water will be allowed into the studio

GSD Teaching Opportunities

Student Assistant Teachers

Goddards Studio students that are 12 years and over, have the opportunity to become assistant teachers. Becoming an assistant teacher means volunteering to help out with our primary classes. If chosen, the student will have the opportunity to attend the ADAPT Assistant Teacher Training course in July 2020. 


If you are interested in assisting, please check the website or see reception at the beginning of each term for more details.


Professional Career Opportunities

Do you teach a musical instrument? Are you a vocal coach? Are you looking for somewhere to build your teaching portfolio? Goddards Studio is thrilled to offer this joint opportunity to professionals in the entertainment business who are interested in one of our specifically designed sound insulated studios. 


Please contact info@goddardsstudio.com for more information.


Halton Hills



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