The Importance of Technique

"Technique is what you fall back on when you run out of inspiration" - Rudolf Nureyev

Dance focuses heavily on correct body alignment and posture, it helps improve flexibility, range of motion muscle tone, strength, stamina, concentration and focus. The benefits are immeasurable.


The following classes are designed for all levels of abilities for both boys and girls.


Goddards Studio is proud to offer our yearly Dance Programmes (36 weeks) or three (3) - 12 week programmes.

Dance Programmes

Ballet improves agility and the ability to move with grace, it is the foundation of all dance. Ballet teaches the key fundamentals of technique a dancer requires to flourish in all genres of dance and is essential when becoming a skilled, and well rounded dancer. 

Benefits: It develops discipline and dedication, improves posture, balance, flexibility and strength.

*We strongly recommend that students also register for Tap and/or Jazz when registering for Ballet.

Modern is a highly flexible form of dance that lends itself beautifully to the expression of a dancers thoughts and feelings in a way that uniquely represents their individuality. It can be seamlessly infused with any kind of dance.

Benefits: Encourages creative thinking, develops self expression and can relieve stress.

*We strongly recommend that students also register for Ballet and/or Jazz when registering for Modern.

Infused with Hip Hop, Break Dancing is a really fun form of freestyle that allows boys and girls to discover and develop their own style and personality. In this class dancers will learn a variety of specialized moves including locking, popping, whacking and house, along with essential power moves and freezes.

Benefits: Dancers will develop skill and co-ordination, and learn to combine strength, momentum, balance and creativity.

*We strongly suggest pairing Commercial Jazz with Break Dancing.

Tap is a wonderful style of dance which allows a dancer to create music with their feet. It is the ultimate component in learning about rhythm and timing. Tap is broadly divided into two styles – Rhythm Tap and Theatre Tap. Rhythm Tap focuses on musicality and improvisation, and Theatre Tap is much more stylistic

Benefits: Tap strengthens the legs and feet all while increasing mobility in the hips, knees and ankles.

*We strongly recommend that students also register for Ballet and/or Jazz when registering for Tap.

Acrodance blends classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. Students will learn beginner to advance tumbling skills on mats designed for safety. They will learn to combine the art of tumbling and choreography creating seamless and impressive performances. 

All dancers will receive an Acro training handbook to help with motivation and goal setting.

Benefits: Acro develops strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness.

*We strongly recommend that students also register for Jazz and/or Ballet when registering for Acrodrance.

This class will be offered to dancers who take Ballet, Jazz and Modern.

Fused by the strength, technique and grace of ballet, jazz and modern, contemporary requires versatility and skill through expressive interpretation.

Coming Soon

Jazz allows a dancer to showcase their originality whilst developing musicality and the ability to focus on performance, expression and technical precision. Jazz has its own vocabulary of steps, and its own class structure, each term we will concentrate on a different style of jazz which further develops versatility.

Benefits: Improves co-ordination, stamina and builds a strong foundation for other types of dance.

*To excel in Jazz, we strongly recommend that students also register for Ballet and/or Tap.

Commercial Jazz is a vibrant combination of street dance, hip hop and jazz. It is a hard hitting  performance driven style emphasizing the importance of musicality, choreography and more! 

Benefits: It focuses on dynamics, timing, rhythm and pick up speed.


This class will be offered to dancers who take Ballet and Jazz.

Combining classic ballet with jazz, lyrical dance is soft and subtle but powerful. It allows for greater freedom of expression through fluid movement to portray a story.

Coming Soon

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