Covid-19 Safety


What are we doing to make the studio a safe place to be?

  • Limited class sizes

  • Hand sanitizing stations throughout the building

  • Socially distanced dance grid within each studio (8ft x 7ft squares or larger) assigned to each dancer.

  • Commercial grade disinfecting fogging equipment used after each class

  • Mandatory masks in ALL common areas

  • Convenient touchless thermometers


A step by step guide to attending class at Goddards:

  1. The safety of the studio starts with you at home. If your child is feeling unwell, we ask that they stay home.  

  2. We ask that all dancers come ready to dance.

  3. We ask that upon entry to the building, each patron uses our touchless thermometer(s).

  4. Anyone entering Goddards must wear masks in and around the common areas of the building and we request them to sanitize their hands upon entry into the studio and after using the washrooms. 

  5. Only one parent with children 7 and under (no siblings) will be allowed into the studio waiting area. Please respect the mandatory mask rule for all common areas and continue practising social distancing.

  6. All outdoor shoes must be left at the front door. Outdoor shoes are not allowed inside the studios.

  7. If a student needs to use the washroom we ask that they put on their masks and in addition to properly washing hands that they also use sanitizer when returning to class.

  8. If a student has a break between class they will be given a socially distant space to wait until their next class. Students are welcome to have a school safe snack and water while they wait. The fridge and microwave may be used, they will be cleaned and sanitized after use. We ask that once they are done eating that they reapply their masks and sanitize their hands.

  9. When in class, masks are optional for students while dancing.

  10. Each student will be given a social distancing square to dance in and must respect all social distancing protocol.

  11. Any students within the studio who are not feeling well will immediately be isolated and sent home.

  12. Once class is done students will have their hands sanitized and be asked to put back on their masks.

  13. Children MUST be picked up on time.

  14. If you have any questions for the teachers or office staff we ask that you give us a call at (905) 699-4747 and we would be happy to speak with you. In addition if we need to speak with you we will contact you as soon as possible. 

  15. The studios will be sanitized daily with a hospital grade disinfecting fogger, all common areas and surfaces will be disinfected regularly. 


We have worked endlessly to ensure all safety and protocols are met please try help us by following these guidelines and being as prepared as possible. We appreciate all of your support! 


Halton Hills



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